Agile Project Management

Our project managers consciously rely on agile project management to keep a flexible overview and control of your software project.

Effective project planning and control

Users, consultants, software developers, interface service providers and the IT department - they all use their specialized know-how to create functional and powerful software. Our experienced project managers offer valuable support for the most efficient management of all the different requirements and tasks. They are committed to the project goal and adapt the procedure to the general conditions in your company.

Profound know-how in agile project management

Software projects are characterized by high complexity and dynamics. During development, requirements change constantly, therefore new tasks have to be defined. Our experienced project managers coordinate all tasks on schedule, in line with resources and budget, provide expert support to all project participants, from the specialist department to the software developers and external service providers, and always keeping  the project goal in mind.

Your advantages of agile project management

Agile project management with Scrum or Kanban offers the necessary flexibility to recognize pitfalls in software development at an early stage, to react dynamically to new development processes and changing requirements, and thus to make the entire project process as effective as possible. Our experienced project managers support your company in project planning, coordination of sub-projects, controlling and regular acceptance of software standards. A professional project management with zehnplus thus offers you the following advantages:

  • Budget security: Thanks to the in-depth know-how of our project managers, your IT project stays within the project budget.
  • Efficiency right from the start: Our project managers select the appropriate project management methods and tools, so that we accompany your project from the beginning on the optimal communication and process level.
  • Risk Management: Our project managers identify risks at an early stage, evaluate them and initiate appropriate measures to eliminate them. 
  • Real-time controlling: With our selected methods and tools, we ensure maximum transparency, so that you always keep an eye on the course of the project.

We have already successfully supported 165 companies with their IT projects. We would be happy to apply our know-how and our many years of expertise to your software project. 

With our agile project managers your project will be a success. Get in contact with us! We will answer your questions and will be happy to make you a free offer.