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In business it’s all about the customers, right?

Customer trust turns into loyalty. Sales to these customers are effortless and they become the best marketing tools you’ll ever have.

It’s 14 times easier to sell to an existing customer than convincing a new customer to trust your products or services. So look after the ones you have. But customer loyalty is built over time and takes effort. And you don’t always have the time to invest in this, right?

That’s why you need an FAQ software to lift this burden off your shoulders and transform your customer relations. And it can all happen via your website.

Why Every Business needs an FAQ Software?

1. Customers Love Self Service: All customers have questions, but hate asking them. They simply want answers presented to them automatically. That’s why consumers prefer self-service and browsing online, rather than talking to your customer care employees. How effortless can clients find answers and your company information? If you make it too difficult to find, customers will turn to your competitors. Above we mentioned customer loyalty. Did you know the number one factor that increases customer loyalty is reduced customer effort? Use software to minimize your customers’ effort. 

2. You and Your Employees Need Help: It’s tough running a business. Here are two major problems: too little time to get things done and you can’t monitor employees 24/7. As much as 42% of consumers change service providers because of rudeness or staff not being helpful enough. Are you sure your team can handle your clients properly? A Software can: it takes care of general queries to reduce your workload and it maintains a certain standard of service. 

3. Customers Love Fast Service: Be honest. Your customer care staff can’t respond instantly 24/7. But an AI software can. For 77% of people fast service equates to excellent service. They want to feel you respect their time. With automated services this is much more attainable. But here’s how this instantly benefits your business. When you provide answers while customers are considering a sale you have a better chance of securing that commitment. Why? Because even if your products cost more than a competitor’s, 85% of consumers say excellent customer experiences justify higher price tags. 

4. Customers Love to Relate: And if you can retain your customers 5% more than usual, your sales can escalate by at least 25%. But what can you do to retain them? Customers find phone customer services the most frustrating channel. 45% of them say a proper web or mobile service keeps them from switching to other service providers. Can you see the importance of web based FAQ solution? Now you know one of their preferences. How do you stay current so you’re aware of preferences and relate with customers well? Your software can help you: giving relevant information so customers feel understood, rather than allowing misunderstandings with employees. Gathering information about clients’ preferences to customize your services to their needs. 

5. Businesses Need Modern Solutions: Technology changes the business environment consistently making service providing more efficient. If you don’t keep up with changes your customers will flock to competitors who do. 40% of customers say they switch to new service providers after hearing of their better customer service. Word of mouth can draw your future customers.

Why the FAQTool is Your Best Option?

10+ recently launched the FAQtool that helps you handle all these challenges so you and your employees can make better impressions on customers. The FAQtool helps you provide information to customers online instantly:

  • More than 50% of customers’ questions have been asked before. Combine these questions and answers & let the software handle these queries on your behalf.
  • Ease customer purchases and build trust by answering pre-sales questions about products and services, which results in higher sales;
  • The FAQtool provides relevant answers thanks to AI algorithm technology that matches a random question with the right information.
  • A primary requirement for accurate marketing is knowing your customer. Through the questions customers ask you will learn about your customers needs from every online interaction.
  • Expand your customer base with its multilingual function.

A business that doesn’t move with the times can’t grow. The pool of clients stays the same or disappears. If a tool exists that draws customers and initiates customer loyalty, why not use it?

Learn more here.

Patrick Vögeli
Senior Customer Care Advisor

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