Don’t lose touch with modern technologies.

With the huge role the internet plays in our lives today you can’t risk falling behind. Your online presence is a vital factor in your business success.

Managing your online content is important and that’s why content management frameworks such as Drupal are so popular. And luckily they’re usually easy to operate.

Do you benefit as much as you could from Drupal? Do you know there are techniques that can further enhance its features?

One way is to apply AI techniques to your Drupal projects.

Why Should You Invest in Improving Drupal Outcomes?

These days it’s all about speed. You need your online actions to take place as fast as possible. Fast actions impress your audience and partners. When certain actions are automated you don’t waste time better spent elsewhere. With the right tools in place you also pick up on problems—such as server issues or sales drops—faster. 

Can you risk not finding fast, effective ways of using your online platform?

That’s where AI techniques supplied by 10+ can help you.

How are AI Techniques Applied?

Drupal already provides many effective features. Now you can enhance Drupal’s or other web based projects’ outputs. Through custom coding you’re given many practical solutions. 

Image Solutions

Don’t you hate it when your photographs don’t display the way you want them to?

Leave the problem to AI to solve. AI can detect when images blur and upscale low resolutions by simply reducing pixel noise.

You’re probably wondering why you’re not already using this technology, right?

If you’re also tired of searching for images online you’ll be happy to know AI can now search on your behalf. It detects the content of images and sources similar pictures.

You can see these applications are all about saving you valuable time and effort. 

Help with Text Search

It’s always best to stay one step ahead of the competition. That’s why using AI should be on your priority list.

AI can be integrated with Solr and Elastic search engines to automate certain features and make searches more accurate.

Providing Solutions

But you can also stay one step ahead of potential problems.

These software applications pick up on problems so you don’t have to do it yourself:

  • Notice a drop in requests
  • Identify irregular user behavior which can be a sign of attacks
  • Locate server problems

 AI learns what the norm is for your project and then pick up on abnormalities. You don’t have to compare data because AI can do it for you.

These advances were inevitable because technology is getting more dynamic by the day. But you probably didn’t know all these features are already within your reach. Are you going to allow 10+ to make it a reality?

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