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Immediately or by appointment we are looking for:

Senior Drupal Developer (80% to 100%)

We expect a lot from our employees – and in return we are also offering a great deal:

  • Strong entrepreneurial spirit: A healthy appetite for innovation and development characterizes our corporate culture.
  • Stable company with excellent growth: Over the years, 10+ has demon­strated steady, positive economic development. 
  • Good work environment: We work continually on securing a safe, pleasant work environment.
  • Good life balance: Our ambition is for you to find a good balance between your work and your private life.
  • Unique knowledge and expertise: For more than 9 years, 10+ has been building up a unique bank of knowledge about customs software solutions. 
  • Fun at work: You will be surrounded by colleagues who are pleasant and professional and are passionate about their work. 
  • Opportunity to influence: You get to work in an open climate, close to decision-makers and with the possibility of making a difference.

What do we expect?

In order to maintain a high standard of products and service we make clear demands of our employees:

  • to have a positive attitude to and want to work in accordance with our core values: passion, competence and innovation.
  • to be committed and eager, and to have the ability to work in teams.
  • to be ambitious about doing a good job, and to be willing to shoulder responsibility.
  • to act, make decisions, and contribute to achieving the company’s goals on the basis of our fundamental values.
  • to be open to improvements and to have the will and ability to find solutions for your and others’ ideas.

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