Circular Economy

By digitising your customer journey, you win three times: our digital solutions drive a resource-saving growth economy, make your IT operations cheaper up to 10 times and put customers at the heart of everything you do.

How the Digitalization of the Customer Journey Optimizes Your Circular Management

The hallmark of digital transformation is that digital technologies are continuously being developed to build bridges between different systems and generate added value for the company, its employees and customers. This, however, requires a digital system in which all processes and contact points always have access to the same data, thus making knowledge about resources and customer needs available at all times. The digitalization of the customer journey forms the basis of profound corporate advancement, which ultimately encompasses all areas of the company and at the end, benefit both the customer, your company, as well as the environment.

Digitization as the Driver of the Circular Economy in Your Company

The economy mainly uses primary raw materials to manufacture new products or to serve internal processes. Here, digitization offers you a wide range of possibilities for using resources in production more efficiently, streamlining existing structures and making your IT more powerful. 10+ supports you in identifying the digital potential for a resource-saving circular management in your company and in developing measures that make your company fit for a sustainable, digital future.


Your advantages with 10+ digital circular management

  • Reduce IT operational costs effectively 
    We integrate 10+ customer journey digital technologies so that the costs are reduced of your IT department by up to 10 times.
  • Resource-saving circular management
    With our expertise, we put your company in a position to become more sustainable and to use and re-use resources more efficiently.
  • Establish new business models
    Our digital solutions promote the development of new business models by managing and extending the customers lifecycle of your products or service. 
  • Increase of customer loyalty
    We digitize your customer journey so that you can obtain valuable information about retain your customers and bind them more successfully to your brand.


10+ digitizes your company in 3-6 months

We would be happy to put our expertise from 165 successfully digitised companies at your service and develop a tailor-made, digitally sustainable strategy for you, which not only makes your company fit for the digital future, but also effectively reduces your costs and inspires your customers.