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Market and sell your products, create an identity around your services, offer, products and communication with your customers.

Enable forward-looking ways for feedback, marketing and sales.

Community platforms are the marketplace of the future.

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Create, meet & integrate your online community

Advantages of the company's own Community Management Platform:

  • A place to meet: Meet customers and prospects in an online space and become an online community.
  • Scalable success: Market and promote your services and offers and scale customer success to new dimensions.
  • Identity-creating: Maintain a distinctive identity around your services and offerings.
  • Uniqueness: Create uniqueness in your products and communication with your customers.
  • Unique added value: Build an interactive community with news, events and other services.
  • Everything in one place: Your customers can reach your community with all kinds of questions.
  • Reconnect with customers easily: Simplify contact, build relationships and create familiarity.
  • Promotion and sales: Generate sales directly or indirectly.
  • Exchange and feedback: Exchange honest evaluations and opinions.

The aim of the marketplace is to meet customers and prospects.

You will find support, best practices, peer-to-peer connections, resources, events and networking - all in one place.

Leading Online Community Solution: Opportunities with the best Customer-Centric Marketplace


  • Foster collaboration and engagement between you and your customers, users and members in a dedicated, specially branded virtual space.
    Get a 360-degree view of how your community members interact - whether they're posting responses, sharing content or giving product feedback.


  • Provide a tailored experience for each community member through microsites, reliable nested structures and targeted messaging.
  • Use rules-based automation and built-in best practices to tailor content to users based on community activity.


  • Create a space for your community members to act as a reference or mentor, nominate themselves as subject matter experts or provide feedback.
  • Make it easy for users to connect with new members of your community and easy for you to find brand advocates when you need them.


  • Create and manage your in-person or virtual events in a dedicated space, including event branding and customisable design.
  • Integrate registration and payment information into your CRM for consistent tracking.
  • Build and leverage an online network of industry leaders, speakers and subject matter experts that clients can connect with before, during and after the event.
  • Organise Q&As, provide a resource library and keep the conversation going in your online community.


  • Create specific learning paths for specific product ranges, industries or use cases.
  • Integrate with your existing management system (LMS) to track learner data and recommend additional resources.
  • View webinars, recordings, resources and more for various certifications.
  • Keep participants informed and demonstrate success with awards and recognition on their community profiles.


  • Leverage your customer data wherever they are by integrating your community with your existing CRM, support, AMS and LMS tools.

Community Management Platform: The foundation for your success - 10+ as your unique provider

  • "Wisdom engine" as the heart of the platform.
  • A central database that ensures a single source of data.
  • Data delivered via a proprietary algorithm that delivers information to the right touchpoint at the right time.
  • Communication channel with collaboration based on open source software
  • Over 10 years of experience in data management
  • Solid customer base ranging from SMEs to large corporations and government organisations

Current Community Management Platform case studies on the market

UBS Women's Wealth - Digital Wealth Management for Women in the Community Management Platform

Immediately and always accessible multilingual online community education platform that answers questions and shares knowledge with users to build trust and customer relationships. This is what makes the Community Management Platform stand out:

  • Always on hand: During all phases of a woman's life
  • Guides with life pictures and financial journeys
  • Provides easy-to-understand financial information that shares the latest investment trends and news
  • Builds a network with users to facilitate collaboration and client relationships
  • Uses the latest technologies to develop a single-device strategy
  • Includes multimedia and video, chatbot and integration content

International Online Community Platform Greenpeace

Community Management Platform for a Greener Future and for Changemakers

  • Network Platform with application of user-centred design principles
  • Share messages on the go with a Facebook-like shoutbox
  • Builds network and community engagement with easy event creation and management
  • Encourages friendship building and conversation with private messaging for easier communication
  • Community brainstorming platform: Sharing ideas

With the best community platform together to the right solution

In order for you to get the most out of the interaction with your customers and employees, we first define how the community management platform should be structured. Then the experts from 10+ implement your wishes and adapt your customised Online Community Platform to your needs according to your feedback.