Digital transformation

Due to the fast pace change of digital technologies, many companies are facing exciting challenges. At zehnplus we focus on individual and tailor-made solutions. With clear goals and visions your digital transformation will be highly successful.

Clear path for groundbreaking solutions

Together with zehnplus, opportunities are identified, changes are planned and implemented. Your company will benefit from the following advantages of digitization for SME’s or enterprises:

  • Analysis of your current situation
  • Development of unique digital strategy and/or software solution
  • Different experts for different challenges
  • Tailor-made end-to-end solution

When creating a digital strategy we not only focus on the technical part of digitization, but also on the needs of your customers. After all, digital transformation goes beyond changes in digital technologies. The digital success of your company does not lie in the simple digitization of established business models. Rather, the digital strategy must become an integral part of the corporate system.

Meet your digital expert

Stephen J. Wright has been transforming companies into successful business models for over twenty years. Having served as CEO, COO and CIO at multinational companies, Mr. Wright now advises global corporations, governments, and universities on digital innovation strategies for sustainable growth.

How the cooperation with zehnplus regarding digital transformation?

Step 1. Target & Analyse: Understanding your company’s current situation and defining a strategic plan 

  • Company analysis i.e. focus areas and processes 
  • Defining goals i.e KPI’s, business objectives, macro and micro goals 
  • Strategic workshops on digital transformation
  • Unique digital plan that will provide the desired outcome 

Step 2. Plan & Test: Leverage existing systems,  tools and processes 

  • Integration plan, detailed user stories, estimating and prioritizing
  • UX tests with prototypes
  • Business case support, budget plan
  • Test plan and goals with features with closed user group and adapt plan 

Step 3. Integrate & Optimize: A step by step integration and optimization of the digital solution 

  • Adjusting the existing systems
  • Introducing & integrating new technologies or processes, if needed
  • Continuously test & optimize features 

Step 4. Maintain, Support & Optimize: We are your partners before, during and beyond the the project 

  • Wide range of maintenance plans and full technology support 
  • Reliable and long-term partnership
  • Enhance and optimize current digital solution
  • Further develop inspiring solutions for customers need

A tailor-made software solution can be seen as part of the process of digital transformation, but the digitization of an SME, for example, is an ongoing process. The introduction of new software solutions can therefore be seen as an opportunity to remodel one's own business.

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