Digitize your customer journey

We support you to create an outstanding customer journey by digitizing all key customer touchpoints. 

Digitalisation is the future of your company

Our tailor-made end-to-end solutions focus on your customers, meet their increasing expectations for high-quality digital services and sustainably increase the efficiency of your company's internal processes.

Our goal is to meet your customer's expectations and use digital technologies in a way that makes all processes as efficient as possible.

Some of the customer touchpoints:

Digital touchpoints

The 4 main benefits of digitizing the end-to-end customer journey:


Technology has triggered the change, but at the same time it also delivers the solutions

CRM, ERP, AI, online shops, mobile apps - digital technologies are only successful if they are intelligently embedded in the company system. The transformation of the customer journey therefore always requires the transformation of the company itself. We can help you:

  • Understand customers and define goals.
  • Develop inspiring solutions for customer needs.
  • Design a strategic transformation plan.
  • To gradually integrate new technologies into existing systems.
  • Maintain and regularly update systems.

zehnplus supports you in the transformation of the customer journey:


Your end-to-end digital customer journey in five steps:

Step 1:Together we look at your initial situation, carry out data analyses, identify your transformation opportunities, draw up initial transformation plans and bring all the results together. 

Step 2: We create the transformation concept, develop the prototype, analyze its impact and then decide on priorities. 

Step 3: We define and develop the Minimal Viable Products (MVP), check its core functions using mockup tests and user stories and implement your customized MVP version of the end-to-end customer journey.

Step 4: Our experts identify approaches for long-term solutions and examine the effects of the new operating model on the company organisation. Existing systems are then integrated into the new structure, interfaces optimized and the model released.

Step 5: Our technology support regularly maintains your digital systems and acts as your long-term partner to make adjustments, optimizations and updates. 

What our customers say about their zehnplus journey:

"The FAQ Software by zehnplus was so much easier to work with compared to other systems we were considering. It is the only tool that catered to all our needs. The collaboration with the project team has been nothing short of stellar." 

Peter Johansson


“The introduction of the zehnplus Digital Workspace has proven to be of great value for our employees and a good investment. Thanks to this new web application, employees are more focused, faster and thus more efficient in their information, which in turn has a positive effect on work performance.” 

Nadège Ntsika

Sunrise Communications AG

“The zehnplus team was convincing with its serious analysis of customer needs in advance, through active thinking and independent optimization during the course of the project, and, last but not least, through a friendly approach at all times.” 

Daniel Hausmann

Universität Zürich

Unique digital solutions for your success

With our team of highly qualified experts, we implement end-to-end solutions that convince your customers and effectively streamline your business processes. Benefit from our digital know-how. Take advantage of our creative innovative power and go on an exciting journey into the digital transformation of your company with zehnplus.