Digitizing data into knowledge

Knowledge is everywhere. However, in the vast majority of cases it is not accessible, not controlled nor maintained. At zehnplus we develop software products that digitize your company's data and display it into knowledge for you target audience.

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Platforms to digitize the knowledge of your employees and customers

How quickly can you access the right data, has a direct impact on the effectiveness of your business or organisation. We digitize your data to communicate seamlessly with your employees and customers.


WISDOM Knowledge Management Platform+

Knowledge of a company is the most valuable resource. With your own knowledge management platform tailored to your needs, you can keep know-how in your own company and simplify internal data management.

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Social Intranet Platform+

Simple straightforward communication helps teams and entire companies act quickly and purposefully in the market. With your own social intranet, you determine where discussions take place and how ideas are successfully implemented.

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Community Platform+

Market and sell your products, create an identity around your services, offer, products and communication with your customers.

Enable forward-looking ways for feedback, marketing and sales.

Community platforms are the marketplace of your future.


Wiki Software+

Get the most out of the knowledge in your organisation and work with the zehnplus Wiki Software.

Eliminate knowledge leakage and knowledge intransparency.

Bundle your company's central resource with an encyclopaedia, just for your company.

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FAQ Software+

AI driven FAQ Software+ with a knowledge base for lightning-fast customer responses. Our FAQ software will take the pressure off your customer service while ensuring the highest customer satisfaction.

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Online Learning Platform+

Whether for pupils, students or adult education, with the open source online learning platform Moodle you create a virtual classroom in which tasks can be set and managed, messages exchanged and discussed in forums. zehnplus integrates collaborative online learning platform into your systems in a few days.

Our AI-based XING FAQ software, seamlessly integrated into the existing system, shows users the right topics/questions at the right time - in different languages - worldwide!

Xing Business Network:

 Intelligent FAQ Software

Our Java-based mass solution Sunrise Information Desktop brings together customer questions from a variety of sources and thus effectively optimises the flow of information in customer service.

Sunrise Communications AG:

Java-based custom solution

Our four-language, intelligent FAQ software, implemented in record time, answers questions on all aspects of coronavirus.

Federal Office of Public Health (BAG)

 Intelligent FAQ Software

Is knowledge flowing away from your company?

Companies and organisations are highly dependent on the quality of the data that employees have and what they exchange with their customers. Elementary problems that often arise, are that data is:

  • Not accessible: When knowledge is not shared and accessible, staff waste time re-developing solutions and making mistakes that others have already made.
  • Not maintained: A knowledge bank should not be a stone tablet that is written once and fixed in place, instead information needs to be constantly updated.
  • Not in a standardised form: An undefined process where each employee stores knowledge differently can lead to unwanted variability that can be prevented by standardisation at the core level.
  • Not controlled: The threshold from uncontrolled to controlled knowledge transfer is where tacit knowledge is made explicit in a way that is comprehensible and understandable to all.

Due to demographic change in the coming years, the topic of knowledge transfer will become increasingly important in companies: How can employees and experts digitize the knowledge they have acquired over the years and thereby secure and pass it on?

Do you have any questions? Write to us - we will find the right solution for you.