FAQ Software

AI driven FAQ software with a knowledge base for lightning-fast customer responses.

Fast, accurate answers. Always.

Our FAQ software is an effective addition to your website which serves several functions from helping customers with purchases, reducing the work of your customer care team and learning more about your customers.

The FAQ product integrates seamlessly with any Customer Support Platform.


Behind our FAQ Software is 8 years continuous product development and improvement. The latest versions of our artificial intelligence knowledge-based application are utilized with great success within companies throughout Europe.

Key Features of the FAQ Software:

  • AI-powered dynamic data ranking of the FAQs and data

  • Centralized knowledge base

  • Integrated with many analytics tools i.e NPS score

  • Display dynamic FAQ lists in other areas of your website

  • Intuitive administration without prior knowledge

  • Seamless integration into your existing website

  • Bespoke, appealing and user-friendly design

  • Hosted solution option for convenient operation

  • Multilingual

What our customers say about their 10+ journey:

“From now on, Sunrise is happy to provide its customers with a new powerful customer support tool and is convinced that it will be able to satisfy customers' needs even better. The pleasant and highly efficient teamwork with zehnplus during the project phase, as well as the professional implementation, have contributed to the success of this project.”

Philipp Trenka

Sunrise Communications AG

"The FAQ Software by 10+ was so much easier to work with compared to other systems we were considering. It is the only tool that catered to all our needs. The collaboration with the project team has been nothing short of stellar." 

Peter Johansson


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