Interim Management

Expertise, experience, know-how - our interim managers are specialized in successfully completing your project and digitalizing your IT in 3-6 months.


Meet Stephen J. Wright

Stephen J. Wright has been transforming companies into successful business models for over twenty years. Having served as CEO, COO and CIO at multinational companies, Mr. Wright now advises global corporations, governments, and universities on digital innovation strategies for sustainable growth.

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Why Interim Management?

Interim managers have many years of professional and management experience, possess know-how that is overqualified for the specific task and are therefore able to solve challenging tasks efficiently and purposefully and to bridge management bottlenecks with confidence. zehnplus Interim Management offers you individual and tailor-made management solutions that ensure that your project is successfully completed with the lowest possible risk.


zehnplus Interim Management: What our interim managers can do for you.

Your company repeatedly goes through development phases in which specific know-how is required. Our zehnplus Interim Managers represent an efficient solution for your company when...

... a certain task/project requires special expertise.

... a solution for challenging business situations is sought.

... management bottlenecks have to be bridged. 

... a specific project needs to be developed and implemented.

... corporate divisions have to be restructured/reorganized.

... you want to digitalize the IT of your company in 3-6 months.


zehnplus interim managers are specialists with many years of experience in their field and in management positions. In contrast to temporary staff, our experts take on full operational management responsibility over a certain period of time and motivate your employees with above-average social skills.

zehnplus Interim Management: We digitalise your IT in 3-6 months 

With many years of expert knowledge and experienced project management skills, our interim managers initiate the digital transformation in your company and can digitalize your corporate IT in 3-6 months. Take advantage of the know-how of our interim managers and start successfully into the digital future of your company with zehnplus.