Knowledge Management

In many companies, data is not accessible to all employees, not properly maintained and/or not controlled. Access to internal data influences the efficiency of every company. By using a targeted knowledge management software this hurdle can be easily overcomed and knowledge can be shared safely and easily in the team, in the company or with customers.

Protection of corporate knowledge and ensuring easy transfer of it

Our knowledge management software helps you and your company to determine all company data and responsibilities. The software developed by us forms is the basis which will be tailored to your company needs. The knowledge management software collects, organizes and redistributes the know-how of your company in a simple way, considering all processes, procedures and all other elements of your company.

With just a few clicks, all your employees have access to processes, workflows, protocol instructions and the documents you need. The knowledge management software ensures a simple and fast update of the entire knowledge database and know-how remains in your company even when employees leave.

Knowledge Management with zehnplus

For an optimal and target-oriented implementation of the knowledge management software tailored to your needs, we follow the following steps:

  • Analysis: As first step, the actual situation of your company is examined and existing gaps in knowledge management in your company are identified.  
  • Planning and testing: Existing knowledge sources are identified together. This process also determines which group of employees has access to which data and what the processes, plus the adjustments in the company, will look like. In this phase, final goals are defined and prioritized against which the implementations are measured.
  • Integration and optimization: A step-by-step implementation ensures an efficient implementation of the new technology and processes. Redundant information is filtered out and replaced in this part of the project. In this phase, continuous testing and optimization of the new modules are valuable. The close cooperation between our experts and your company plays an important role.
  • Support: During and after the successful implementation of the new knowledge management software, we offer in-house support that supports you in your concerns.

More than 15 years of experience in knowledge management and knowledge sharing have led to our current knowledge management software Knowledge+.

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