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Coming from Hamburg, Germany, the long-established business networking platform XING offers a broad range of connection services and one truly extensive job database, both of which have enabled XING to position itself as a main competitor to LinkedIn. Though mainly Eurocentric, the platform provides strong contact management for career-oriented people from over 200 countries, including those from the Far East.

XING’s enthusiasm is unstoppable because they believe that success is best when shared with others – but, to allow their members to share their experiences, they had to find the best way to share their knowledge with them first. That’s where our AI driven FAQ Software comes into play. By implementing our solution, XING has managed not only to provide an efficient and elaborate FAQ search and thus equip their members with all the right answers, but also to gain a deeper understanding of their users: what issues are they facing and where adjustment is required.

The FAQ software provides all the functionalities required from Xing and these solutions were seamlessly integrated with their existing systems. Using an AI driven algorithm for dynamic ranking of the FAQ articles, the most recent, most frequently visited and best-rated FAQs are displayed first: for each question / answer pair, a radioactivity score is calculated, which consists of different parameters. This ensures that current topics or questions / answers are displayed to the right users at the right time.

The results are more than satisfying – with both their customer engagement and customer relations improved, XING currently has around 12.7 million members who use our multilingual search algorithm on a daily basis, whether it comes to industry-related queries, questions about their current jobs, or dilemmas on their future careers.

Learn more about our AI driven FAQ Software here.

"The FAQ Software by zehnplus was so much easier to work with compared to other systems we were considering. It is the only tool that catered to all our needs. The collaboration with the project team has been nothing short of stellar."
Peter Johansson - Xing

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