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Through our many years of experience with various projects of all sizes, we have acquired a comprehensive technical knowledge of Drupal. We develop and implement customised modules for your individual digital needs. We provide a secure and sophisticated system as well as backup and restoration processes. And we offer our expertise for all your questions regarding Drupal, so that you can concentrate all your energies on the success of your business.


Are you still using an older Drupal system (6 or 7) or another content management system? We recommend you update to the latest version of Drupal in order to keep your website running safely and smoothly! In addition to allowing access to all future security updates for coming years, the update also gives users all the website’s new front end and back end features. Each new client who wishes to analyse the advantages of a migration and take this important step can now make good use of zehnplus’s expertise in migrating various systems.

Module Development and Integration

Whenever your previous system reaches its limits, we develop and integrate corresponding, sustainable expansions via Drupal modules that are tailored to the client’s wishes, so-called “custom code”. That way the options are practically limitless. Tell us your plans and together we will find a solution. In numerous projects to date we have successfully integrated vastly different modules into existing Drupal installations, such as Salesforce, Buffer, Cleverreach, Slack or Piwik. Just ask us what help we can offer in integrating your desired modules and if necessary, expansions of them along specific guidelines, so you can continue to reap all the benefits!

Security Check

More and more frequently you hear of security breaches which leave companies vulnerable – with sometimes catastrophic damages! Here is where zehnplus plays a vital part in helping you put a stop to such avoidable harm. Building on our employees’ wealth of experience, they can subject your website or web application to a focused and rigorous security check and react swiftly by taking the most important security precautions.

Operation and Support

zehnplus is your loyal partner for support and operation. Ask us for a customised solution for your system and your support needs.


Our clients value the quick and simple access to our support. Whether by email, telephone or skype – we are always there for you and offer competent support in all areas. We provide flexible support options, tailored to fit your clients’ requirements. Models are available with either a fixed semi-annual number of hours (easy to budget, discount included) or charged according to cost.

Hosting und Backup

A safe and orderly system as well as reliable backup and restoration processes are indispensable success factors for web systems. Constantly new and changing threats crop up daily – only a cutting-edge and 100% secure system can offer the foundation for a successful internet business. And you do not need to worry about hosting your website either – you can feel confident leaving that job to us.


Drupal contributions: https://www.drupal.org/zehnplus


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