Social Intranet Platform +

Simple straightforward communication helps teams and entire companies in the market to act quickly and purposefully. With your own social intranet, you determine where discussions take place and how ideas are successfully implemented.

Your own individual Social Intranet

The simplest way that every employee can participate. With a social intranet, you have an internal website that helps your employees stay in touch with your company. A social intranet is a software platform that promotes the exchange of information and collaboration within companies. This digital workspace is completely included in your company and helps your employees to do their job. You determine for which group of people your Social Intranet is available for. This can then be used independently of the public network.

In a Social Intranet, your employees can be connected to participate in discussion topics, share ideas with teams, get the content you need and find it. The Social Intranet stands for problem-free cooperation among your employees.

  • Commitment and measure results
  • All Employees in one place
  • Simple handling
  • Higher Productivity through simple communication

A social intranet of its own can be used to confirm expert knowledge in demand or the facts of a case from employees who are at another location. Through various extensions, such as the integrated chat system, the flood of emails is contained, thus increasing efficiency.

One step ahead with 10+

Nowadays, flexibility, speed, responsiveness and networking are of great importance. Collaboration and communication independent of time and space are becoming more and more important. Workflows and processes must therefore be mapped and implemented in a timely manner.

Social intranets and knowledge management platforms can be used in the corporate environment of the port for every employee from whom all further actions are planned and carried out. 

In addition to the technical implementation, we at 10+ also offer the planning and strategy of the project. The inclusion of your own social intranet also supports the development of your corporate culture. Employee commitment is promoted through the transparent exchange of knowledge. This increases motivation in your company and successfully advances your goals.

The cooperation does not end after the implementation of your own social intranet. We offer you in-house support that supports you in your concerns. Our endeavour to deliver user-friendliness, individuality and sound implementation has led to great customer satisfaction.