Sunrise: Digital Workplace Made to Measure

With over 3.3 million customers from four different business segments, Sunrise Communications AG was considering the creation of a centrally controllable, efficiently networked digital information portal geared by the expectations of customer service employees for the highest customer service quality.

The company

Founded in 2001 as Switzerland's largest non-governmental telecommunications company, Sunrise connects private and business customers via TV, mobile communications, landline and online.

Goals successfully achieved

Sunrise Information Desktop as a tailor-made workplace

Our customized Java intranet application allows employees to add and manage different content to their personal information desktop. The basis for this are widgets, which are contained in team-oriented templates, but can be individually extended.

Seamless integration thanks to powerful interface technology

For maximum efficiency and flexibility, information is left in its original systems (marketing platforms, databases or websites) and only displayed on the personal information desktop when needed thanks to powerful interface technology.

Contemporary and highly flexible customer management tool

The Sunrise Information Desktop has proven to be a highly flexible instrument in customer management with which the Sunrise Contact Center can access the currently required information in a more targeted, faster and more efficient manner and can thus react adequately and promptly to customer enquiries.

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