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Get the most out of your company's knowledge and start working with the zehnplus Wiki Software.

Eliminate knowledge leakage and non-transparency.

Bundle your company's central resources within an encyclopaedia, made just for your company.

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Wiki Software - an existential component of every successful organisation

Unplanned staff losses occur even in the best companies. This can have a double negative effect if, in addition to good work performance, their knowledge and expertise is also lost.

Not retaining knowledge in the company and making it non-transparent can have massive negative consequences for the further development of the organisation.

When employees leave the company or are absent for a longer period of time due to illness, their specific knowledge should be in the company and not only in the head of the specialist. Bundling knowledge and making it transparent makes your company more free from unwanted employee losses.

But it's not just about being free, it also means that everyone can make new contributions and help eliminate mistakes.

One thing is certain: Knowledge is the only resource that increases when it is shared.

Access the full potential of your business with our Wiki Software

The Wiki from zehnplus is an easy-to-use and extremely versatile Software. It is loved by users for its clear and understandable user interface.

The ease of administration, backup and integration makes it every administrator's favourite. Built-in access controls and authentication mechanisms make the zehnplus Wiki particularly useful in a corporate context.

The extensive customisation options allow for a wide range of use cases that go beyond a traditional Wiki, making the Wiki your very own.

Also connect your Wiki to an ever-growing list of external integrations for authentication, logging, presentation, search and storage.

Wiki Software solves your challenges

The Wiki Software can be used in different ways depending on the use cases.

You could use the Wiki Software for a public Wiki, a private network Wiki or a personal Wiki.

Here's what these use cases might look like:

  • As internal Wiki Software for your team collaboration.
  • As a corporate Wiki Software to store and share your company's knowledge
  • As an easy-to-use software for personal notes in the Wiki

Wiki Software as the basis for your central contact point

The setting and customisation options of our Wiki:

  • Access restriction and publishing functions: You can decide who can view, write, edit, moderate and publish content.
  • Revision system with an unlimited number of revisions.
  • Front-end editor for creating and editing Wiki content
  • Editor for rich text and media
  • Automatic linking of articles based on keywords
  • Powerful search with keyword weighting control
  • Unlimited styling options

With the best Wiki Software together to the right solution

In order for you to get the most out of your data and accumulated knowledge, we define in a first step which data should be made accessible and in what form. Then the experts from zehnplus implement your wishes and adapt your customised Wiki Software to your needs according to your feedback.