WISDOM Knowledge Management Platform +

Knowledge of a company is the most valuable resource. With your own knowledge management platform tailored to your needs, you can keep know-how in your own company and simplify internal data management.

Access the full potential of your business

Unleash the potential of your business with our AI-supported platform for data management and automation through which the company’s knowledge is distributed across all channels and the information is easily accessible internally. To get the maximum benefit from your data, we make sure that all your company's data is consolidated in one place, which can be accessed through the knowledge management platform. 


  • Knowledge Based Platform with 8 flexible products to plug-in simply    
  •  AI driven data retrieval for fast and accurate answers
  • Business processes enhanced by intelligent automation    
  • Data management to analyze, combine, connect and share data from different sources
  • Access your knowledge wherever you need it 
  • Reduce costs and standardize processes

With a knowledge management platform tailored to your company’s need you save time in data management and the internal knowledge database can be expanded individually with just a few clicks.

Knowledge management platform as central contact point

Whether it is a PDF document, an email, a dashboard or even a website, we ensure that all information is transformed and shared internally with the assigned groups. Our tailor-made knowledge management platform helps to implement the entire customer journey: from the consideration, through the purchase decision, to the use and maintenance of loyalty to a product or service. 

By sharing knowledge in one place, you can easily integrate new employees into your organization. Within your company, you and your employees can use the knowledge management platform to keep up to date with new information and communicate barrier-free with each other.

Together to the right solution

In order for you to get the most out of your data and the accumulated knowledge, we define in a first step which data should be made accessible in which form. zehnplus' experts then implement your wishes and adapt your customized knowledge management platform to your needs according to your feedback. 

The cooperation does not end after the implementation of your own knowledge management platform. We offer you in-house support that supports you in your concerns.