Workshops & Trainings

In 2020 the customer journey is more digital than ever before. How does your company deal with the diverse challenges of digital transformation?

We show you how to master the digital transformation in a targeted manner.

In our workshops & trainings you will learn how to successfully digitize the customer journey, what advantages the open source software Drupal offers, how to develop a customized digital strategy for your company and what opportunities digital technologies offer you in terms of sustainable resource management.

Current Workshops & Trainings

Digitization Customer Journey Workshop: Understanding your company from the customer's perspective

The success of your business in the future will depend on how you manage the interaction between your company and consumers - before, during and after the purchase. In our Digitalization Customer Journey workshops, we show you how digital technologies can help you understand your customers' needs, expectations and buying behavior and integrate this knowledge into communication, sales and product and service development in such a way that your customers are provided with the right information and services throughout the entire customer journey. 

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Drupal Training: How to use the Open Source CMS successfully

As one of the most installed CMS worldwide, Drupal convinces with its freely available modules, which can be flexibly combined with each other and thus create amazing individual solutions. Drupal is easy to extend, adapt to existing systems and thanks to open interfaces it can be linked as desired. Whether administrator or user, in our Drupal training you will learn about relevant Drupal modules and how to integrate them successfully. 

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Digital Strategy Workshop: Recognizing digital challenges and using them strategically

In order to be adequately prepared for the challenges of the digital transformation of your company, you must identify technological trends early on and develop a strategy to secure your competitive position. Our Digital Strategy workshop teaches you which success factors will determine the digital transformation in the future, and how to develop a digital strategy with which your company can successfully master digital change.

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Sustainability Through Digital Technologies Workshop

Digital technologies help to optimise value chains and establish a resource-saving circular economy. This benefits not only nature, but also your company. In our workshop Sustainability through digital technologies you will learn how you can digitally drive the transition from linear and resource-intensive value chains to a closed loop economy in your company and thus optimize your resource management in a future-oriented way.

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