Become a digital entrepreneur: Start your zehnplus digital software franchise

Are you interested in becoming a digital entrepreneur? At zehnplus, we provide all the technical support and solutions you need to succeed. With our enthusiastic team in your corner, you can offer intelligent business software products and custom software.


Now is the time to go digital

SaaS solutions are predicted to generate nearly $105 billion in revenue this year, and the number will continue to increase exponentially. Businesses are going digital to lower costs, streamline their operations, and future-proof. And by launching a digital software franchise, you could help them harness their growth potential.

We’re looking for people like you

Are you a self-starter who dreams of being their own boss? Do you love delivering great customer service? Then seize this incredible opportunity to team up with zehnplus, a groundbreaking digital business software company based in Zürich. 

Our tech, your service

We build all the technology so you can offer a diverse range of high-quality, creative services and products, including e-commerce, social intranet, business applications and data management solutions. And as you work with your clients, you’ll be supported every step of the way by our great back-office team. 


8 reasons to become your own boss

  • No experience needed. Break into the booming DIGITAL industry, no experience required.
  • High ROI. zehnplus delivers measurable ROI to your clients by lowering IT costs.
  • Full team support. Receive support from expert technicians, designers, and project managers who are invested in your success.
  • Complete independence. Work from home and manage your schedule on your terms. 
  • A trusted brand. Work with an expert team that has over ten years of industry experience.
  • Recurring revenue. Enjoy recurring residual license fees from clients to support your growing business.
  • Scalability. We build the technology so you can focus on offering value and scaling fast. 
  • Knowledge. Learn from our experts with ongoing training and mentorship opportunities.

Who are we?

zehnplus is an AI-driven full-service provider based in Zürich. We have over ten years’ experience as industry leaders, providing intelligent business software products and custom business software to transform digital customer journeys. Our products have been implemented by governmental institutions, organizations, and companies of all different sizes.

We offer zehnplus cloud or on-premises. Our digital software platforms combine ease with custom management features to streamline our clients’ operations. These solutions work across legacy systems to digitize existing data and help companies modernize their digital channels. Our products and services automate your processes, maintenance, configuration, and security so workers can focus on generating value.